Meadow Hill Contacts and Committees

Management Company:

Imagineers, LLC
635 Farmington Avenue
Hartford, CT 06105-2999

Assistant Property Manager Daniel Merrit: Tel: 860-768-3419
AsstManager @  (without spaces in email)

Property Manager

Online System to Submit Work Orders and Check Your Account, Pilera <click>

Executive Board:

President Jim Fuda (2024) 860-729-0354
Vice-President Paul Jenkins (2025) 860-990-3302
Secretary Donna Whalen (2026) 413-429-6323
Treasurer Brenda Berk (2025) 860-463-8262
Director Walter Brownsword (2026) 860-633-0207
Director Deb Wellington (2025) 860-306-4502
Director Paul Jenkins (2024) 860-990-3302

Advisory Committees:

Advisory committees play an important role in Meadow Hill.  They provide information and work that improves Meadow Hill beyond what the Board and Manager can do without assistance.  Below are the committee chairs, liaisons from the Board and Committee members.  Let’s all thank these community members for their work to make Meadow Hill a great place to call home. Board president is Ex Officio on all committees.

Budget: Brenda Berk, Treasurer and Chair, Larry Abbott, Toni Dolan, Connie Liscomb, Deb Wellington.

Communications/Welcoming: Gene Flynn, Chair, Mike Proulx, Denise Weeks, Robyn Castano, Suz Fields, Diane Sikorsky, Luther Weeks, Board Liaison, Jim Fuda.

Grounds: Mike Proulx, Chair, Harris Berloe, Dick Brimley, Dave Fillion, Patti McNamara, Kathy McCarthy-Proulx, Peter Rothfarb, Susan Wallace, Judith Woodward; Board liaison – Ron King.

Long Term Planning Committee: Jim Fuda, President and Chair, Larry Abbot, Frank Cisz, David Faxon, David Hogan, Ed Litke, Reg Wellington.

Maintenance and Amenities: Walter Brownsword, Director and Chair, Bob Kolwitz, Roger Bouchard, Ray Dolan, Vin Liscomb, Eileen Swenson.

Stables, Greenhouse, Garden as subcommittee:  Darien Covert.

Social: Donna Whalen, Secretary and Chair, Hazel Brimley, Jane Marcin.

Trees: Gene Flynn, (Chair), Bob Kolwicz,  Roger Bouchard, Board Liaison, Ron King

Clubhouse Rental: Danielle Merritt, Imagineers