Board Minutes June 2024


Meadow Hill Inc.
Executive Board meeting Minutes
June 19, 2024

Executive Session

The Executive Session convened at 9:15 AM. Board members Present: Jim Fuda, Deb Wellington, Brenda Berk, Donna Whalen, Walter Brownsword, Paul Jenkins, Tim Reid. Imagineer’s property manager, Kristin Davis, was also present.

Per state law, voting on any issue discussed in the Executive Session is done in the Open Session of the Board of Directors meeting. See the Open Session notes below for any action taken by the Board on items discussed in the Executive Session.

Open Session

  1. Call to Order – The Open Session convened at 10:00AM. Board Members Present: Jim Fuda, Deb Wellington, Brenda Berk, Donna Whalen, Walter Brownsword, Paul Jenkins, Tim Reid. Kristin Davis of Imagineers was present.
  2. President’s Welcome and Remarks

Jim Fuda welcomed those in attendance and welcomed Tim Reid to the Board of Directors. He announced the results of the Annual Election and their terms.

President – Jim Fuda – 3 yrs.

Vice President – Deb Wellington – 3 yrs.

Tim Reid – Director -3 yrs.

Paul Jenkins – Director 1 yr.

  1. Minutes.

A motion was made by Deb Wellington to approve the minutes of the June 13th Meadow Hill Annual Meeting. The motion was seconded by Brenda Berk. Motion Passed (Yes-6/No-0) W. Brownsword abstained because he was absent.

Motion to accept the minutes of the June 13th Board of Directors Annual Election of Officers was made by Paul Jenkins and seconded by Deb Wellington. Motion Passed (Yes-6/No-0) W. Brownsword abstained due to absence.

  1. Financial Report

Treasurer Brenda Berk reported:

Income of $65,489 for the month, CAI rental income of $695 was received

Other expenses in line with the plan and no unusual items to report.

The CD at Key Bank matured on June 14th – we earned over $5,000 in interest in 10 months. Ms. Berk moved an additional $20K into the CD. The current balance is $146, 957.15 and will mature in 9 months. The rate is 5%.

  1. Maintenance: Report given by Walter Brownsword. Darien Covert is on vacation.

All work orders are being attended to. Shrub trimming began today. The second tennis court lines will be painted next week, and the net put up.

  1. 6. Manager’s Report

Kristin Davis of Imagineers thanked all those who worked to get out the Hollister House vote. Her complete report can be found in the Board Packet.

  1. Committee Reports

*Grounds – Mike Proulx reported that the grass testing is underway! This is a one-year study. The clover planted is starting to sprout.

*Trees – The tree report will be given at the July Board Meeting.

*Maintenance – W. Brownsword – Power-washing will continue with red section followed by the grey. Power-washing will revert to the Project List schedule.

*Social – Donna Whalen- The Meadow Hill “Oldies Party” is scheduled for Sunday, July 14th from 3-6PM. A flyer will be sent to residents and owners this week. Please RSVP. We will need a head count.

*Risk Management – Deb Wellington- Nothing new to report this month. In July, we will receive the insurance renewal rates for employees.

*Long-term Planning – Frank Cisz thanked everyone involved with getting-out the Hollister House.

*Legislature -Luther Weeks- asked for a liaison from the Board to work with him to keep updated on any government legislation.  Ms. Davis will add Mr. Weeks to our CAI email list.

8.Open Forum

During this time our residents are given time to voice their concerns and make suggestions.

Mr. Weeks informed us that a member of the Board, absent from a meeting, can vote on the minutes.

There was concern about the second tennis court net not being up. The net will be up after the painting is complete.

A suggestion that the Reserve Study take a good look at the overgrown landscape.

  1. Business Pending

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day is July 17th. Residents will receive notification as to the days drop off these items.

Water Heater Replacements -Notices for a Hearing were sent out to 3 non-compliant unit owners.

Dryer Vent Cleaning – letter will be finalized and distributed to Unit Owners.

Deck Repairs – A packet will be finalized and approved for distribution by email vote this week.

  1. New Business

Walkway Repairs-A motion was made by Jim Fuda to approve $1500 plus tax, which will be taken from other accounts, to repair walkways and seconded by Deb Wellington.  Motion Passed unanimously (7-0).

A variance requested by Unit Owner#191-Approved by email. (6 yes/0 No, 1 abstain)

A variance from Unit#54 for an AC unit. It was deemed a replacement and therefore approval is not required.

The Board will add for future discussion and potential investigation topics brought up during the meeting –water shut-offs in multi-unit buildings, poison ivy, voles and moles, trimming of mature vegetation, gas grill safety, and trimming vegetation around decks.

  1. Adjournment: A motion was made to adjourn the meeting by Paul Jenkins and seconded by Tim Reid. Motion passed unanimously. (7-0)
  2. Time of adjournment: 12:00 PM.

Minutes submitted by: Donna Whalen, Secretary

Minutes approved by email: June 23, 2024


Executive Board Planning Committee Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2024


The Executive Board Planning Meeting was held on June 5, 2024, per the Meadow Hill By-Laws. This is a summary of the discussions. No actions are voted on at Planning Meetings, and the President will summarize the meeting at the next Executive Board meeting as per our Meadow Hill By-Laws.

Call to Order:  President Jim Fuda convened the meeting at 10 AM.

Roll Call: Members in attendance: J. Fuda, D. Wellington, D. Whalen, B. Berk, R. King, W. Brownsword, and P Jenkins. K Davis of Imagineers was present via Zoom.

Summary of Discussion

Reserve Study

  • To kick off the study, a subcommittee will meet with Rick Filomena. Kristin Davis will coordinate the meeting schedule.
  • Subcommittee is Jim Fuda, Brenda Berk, Walter Brownsword, Deb Wellington, and Bob Kolwicz. The subcommittee represents the Long-Term, Maintenance, Finance, and Risk Management Committees.

Dryer vent cleaning

  • The draft letter will be finalized and distributed. The list of vendors will be included in the mailer. Walter and Kristin to finalize the letter.

Deck Repairs

  • The Board discussed strategies for informing unit owners about engineering reports, including cover letters and interim reports.
  • Liability exposure to the Unit Owners and the Association of poorly maintained decks was discussed.
  • Unit owners must obtain permits for repairs and renovations, which is required by the town of Glastonbury.
  • Walter Brownsword identified issues and recommended maintenance to extend deck life. For example, Painting decks help to prevent the wood from decaying.
  • Stair tread problems were found, and unit owners were unaware of their importance, leading to potential safety hazards.
  • Unit owners are responsible for their deck maintenance.

Privacy fence repair for unit owner 254

  • The board discussed the privacy fence request for unit 254.
  • It was suggested that the fence be raised to give more privacy.
  • After reviewing the request, the Board decided to vote on this variance through email.

Walkway repairs

Walter Brownsword asked for funds ($1,200) to fix some of the walkways needing repair.

  • Mr. Brownsword emphasized that Darien would not seal the walkways this year, so the budgeted funds could be used for the walkway repairs.
  • Speakers discuss budgeting for repairs and maintenance and prioritizing safety issues.
  • The Board agreed to take an email vote after they received all funding information from Treasurer Brenda Berk. Walter Brownsword will initiate the request.

Grill Safety

Deb Wellington discussed the Connecticut fire code for grills in multifamily units with the Glastonbury Deputy Fire Marshall. The fire code requires a 10-foot distance from combustible sources. However, the code does not apply to Meadow Hill, as it is not considered a condo as defined in the Fire Code, since each MH unit has two means of egress.

  • The Deputy Fire Marshal at Glastonbury recommends a 10-foot distance for gas grills, even when on the second floor, and prohibits the use of charcoal grills.
  • The board discussed the placement of grills in the condominium complex and addressed safety concerns to make residents aware.
  • A letter stating the importance of grill safety will be drafted and sent to the residents.

Updating contact information

  • Residents will be asked to provide their HO6/HO4 and car insurance information so that the information is on file.
  • Deb Wellington suggested collecting updated contact information annually.
  • Board members discuss using email or in-person forms to gather information.

Open Forum

  • Residents appreciated the concerns about grill placements.
  • Pollinator gardens have been cleaned and seeded.
  • A resident suggested a miscellaneous category in the budget for unplanned issues…like a water main break.
  • A suggestion was made that those with a grill on the deck should consider having a fire extinguisher on hand

The motion to adjourn was made by Brenda Berk, seconded by Ron King, and unanimously approved

Time of adjournment: 11:59 AM
Minutes submitted by: Donna Whalen, Secretary
Minutes approved by email: 06/10/24